What do you see at Chandraketugarh?

Chandraketugarh's massive archaeological wealth is buried under the ground and a visitor to the site gets to see very little. Most of the potentially archaelogically rich area of the site are already inhabited or cultivated. As far as I understood, only the rampart area and a narrow stretch of adjoining land still belongs to the ASI. Even if some day, the grossly ignored Chandraketugarh site gets lucky enough to be scheduled for a proper excavation, it will be a logistical nightmare because of the close adjacency of the human habitation.

The area surrounding the present-day ramparts are those of typical Bengal. Lush green ricefields criss-crossed by low-height soft-mud separators (meant to contain the water), extend far away. In the following photographs you get a glimpse of Chandraketugarh (over-ground) and its surroundings.

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For now, these photographs are displayed simply as an album, without any specific description or identification. In the next few weeks, I will sort them out in different thematic categories and write small descriptions.

ASI trench from 1999 work

Pathway on the dhibi

Pathway on the dhibi

Pathway on the dhibi

Residue of ASI trench from 1999 work

The buried "gateway"

A new metal gate to "enter" Chandraketugarh

Healthy paddy field

Healthy paddy field, common local view


Obliviously walking on the buried "gateway"

Healthy paddy field

New Addition! A new plaque describing Chandraketugarh

Paddy field

Mustard field

Paddy field

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