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How to get there:

Chandraketugarh is on the Kolkata-Barasat-Basirhat Road, which you can approach through Jessore Road to the north. For those interested, it is situated at Latitude 22.41'N and Longitude 88.42'E. If you are trying to save time, the best way to get to Chandraketugarh is by car. Rented cars cost in the range of Rs. 50 to Rs. 75 per hour depending on the make and condition of the car. If you are trying to save money and have longer time to spend, you can take a Basirhat-bound private bus from Shyambazar which will bring you within walking distance from Chandraketugarh. In either case, your destination is "Beracha(m)pa'r More" or the intersection of Berachampa. If you are coming from Calcutta, you need to take a right-turn at the Berachampa'r More and within a mile you'll notice on your left a rather dilapidated noticeboard from the ASI declaring it to be a protected place. This is the beginning of the ramparts.

A depiction of the immediate surrounding of Chandraketugarh with the Vidyadhari river can be found in this map (in Bengali), courtesy: Dilip Maite.

Most of the area surrounding the ramparts is already inhabited or cultivated. Any large scale excavation will affect the people and it will be very difficult to coordinate such an effort. It might be interesting to do an aerial survey and apply some recent photographic techniques to see if they reveal any underground structure. With this knowledge one can do a more efficient and focussed excavation.

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Who's Who and where's what:

What follows is a list of
  • important individuals associated with Chandraketugarh
  • museums and collections exhibiting art objects from Chandraketugarh
The list is sorely incomplete, and I will add stuff as I accumulate them.

I need help: Did you just come across an art object from Chandraketugarh in any museum that you recently visited? Have you just read an interesting article mentioning Chandraketugarh? Please drop me a mail.

Prof. Joachim Bautze
Author of several articles on Chandraketugarh, including one book which is especially useful for its large collection of photos.
Dr. Dilip K. Chakrabarti
Author of several articles on Chandraketugarh and the archaeology of ancient Bengal. His article on the original course of the Ganges helps put Chandraketugarh in perspective of a number of other such centers along Adi-Ganga.
P. C. Dasgupta
Was primarily responsible for the State Archaeological Museum Collection
Gourishankar De
Author of several articles on Chandraketugarh
Shubhradip De
Author of an article on the plant motifs in Chandraketugarh terracotta
Enamul Haque
Author of several valuable articles on Chandraketugarh, including a resume of the ASI Reports, and a book: Chandraketugarh: A Treasure House of Bengal Terracottas
Rangan Kanti Jana
Author of an article on ships on seals from Chandraketugarh
Prof. Bratin Mukherjee
Authored several influential papers on Chandraketugarh. An important personality in the study of Kharosthi and Brahmi inscriptions, he suggested that the inscriptions obtained from Chandraketugarh are of the mixed Kharosthi-Brahmi type.
Pratapaditya Pal
A well-known personality in the art and archaeology of India and South-East Asia, he authored an article on Chandraketugarh way back in 1957.
Sima Roy Chowdhury
Author of an illuminating article on the terracottas of Chandraketugarh. We are also waiting for several forthcoming papers and articles from her.

Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
Exhibits a beautiful terracotta plaque. I haven't yet visited this collection, and I do not have any details or photographs.
Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles
According to Pratapaditya Pal's book (Indian Scultpture) there are at least eight Chandraketugarh artefacts (and perhaps more) in this museum. Go to the link LACMA, Start > Browse South & Southeast Asian Art > Browse by Place > India > West Bengal (this is a pull-down menu). I plan to visit the museum in August 2001, and will prepare a brief description afterwards.
Brooklyn Museum of Art, New York
Brooklyn Museum of Art. I haven't visited this collection, and I do not have any details or photographs. Some of the entries were published in Amy Poster's book (From Indian Earth, 4000 years of terracotta art).
Norton Simon Museum, Los Angeles
There are several Chandraketugarh artefacts in this museum - Norton Simon Museum. I plan to visit the museum in August 2001, and will prepare a brief description afterwards.
Dilip Kumar Maite
An impressive personal collection, referred to as Chandraketugarh Pratna Snagrahalaya.
Asad-uj Jaman
An impressive personal collection
Prabir Kumar Goswami
Personal collection at Uttarpara, a considerable amount of which was exhibited at the "Exhibition on the life and art of Chandraketugarh". High on my agenda next time I visit Calcutta.
Balanda Pratna Sangrahalaya (Haroa Museum)
This is the personal collection of Abdul Jabbar. High on my agenda next time I visit Calcutta.
(West Bengal) State Archaeological Museum
Organized "Exhibition on the life and art of Chandraketugarh".

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Articles on Chandraketugarh:

This is a list of references on Chandraketugarh. An asterisk (*) at the beginning of a reference indicate that I own a copy. Needless to say I will be grateful if you send me a reference that I do not already have.

  1. (*) Archaeological Survey of India (individual authors unknown), Reviews, 1956-1967
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I have located the following websites that contain information (photo, article, book) on Chandraketugarh. If you come across any such relevant site, please drop me a mail.

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India Abroad, Article No. 1 Article on how priceless artifacts from Chandraketugarh are being smuggled out. Shameless plunder.
India Abroad, Article No. 2 Bata, the shoe company, displays an ancient paduka from Chandraketugarh in an exhibition of footwear.
James Singer website on Asian Art Sale Chandraketugarh artifacts for sale!
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
A beautiful terracotta plaque, which is also discussed in Reference 15 above.
Article from Indian Express Reports on an exhibition in Germany that includes Sunga dynasty material from Chandraketugarh.
Terracotta in India and Bengal Terracotta in India and Bengal.
Article from Times of India Reports the discovery of two skeletons from Chandraketugarh during the most recent excavation in 2000. This excavation project has been abruptly halted. The local people are suspicious about the true age of the reported skeletons. The confusion can be removed by scientific dating of the skeletons, I am not aware of any such study yet.
West Bengal Govt. history page West Bengal Govt. history page.
A beautiful figure of Yakshi An exquisite Chandraketugarh "yakshi" terracotta finds mention in this page devoted to the concept of "devi."
LoginCalcutta's Chandraketugarh information page Travel website on Calcutta mentions Chandraketugarh. Tries to connect Chandraketugarh ruins to the Mohen-Jo-Daro age. I do not know who started this thread (a very similar statement is repeated in other websites) but I am not aware of ANY reasonable argument taking Chandraketugarh ruins to an age earlier than the 6th Century BC, which is about 2000 years after Mohen-Jo-Dar. To me this is glaring factual error.
French archaeology page Chandraketugarh referenced in a French article on ancient maritime routes.
Daily Star, Bangladesh Chandraketugarh is mentioned in an interview with archaeologist Dr. Abu Imam.
National Museum, Delhi website Photo of a Kubera statuette from Chandraketugarh.
Vedam Books Details of the Reference 17 above.
Encyclopaedia Britannica Refers to superb examples of terracotta from Chandraketugarh.
House of Commons (U.K.) Select Committee on Culture, Media and Sport Meeting minutes persuasively argue that any Chandraketugarh article exhibited outside India must have been exported illegally!
Kejriwal Collection Mentions Chandraketugarh from Sunga through the Kushana periods.
Indian Museum, Calcutta Rupasi Bangla, an exhibition displays chandraketugarh terracottas.

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