Murshidabad – The Land of the Legendary ‘Siraj-ud-dullah’ Unveiled

Trip Taken from June – 10th to 12th - 2006

Saurab Basu

Murshidabad, named after the famed Nawab Murshid Quli Khan, the Dewan of Bengal, Bihar and Orissa, served as the last capital of independent Bengal till the same was shifted to Calcutta, the present day – Kolkata, in 1773 AD. With the quench of knowing Bengal’s Glorious days, and not visiting Murshidabad and its surrounds, will be a sure case of incompleteness towards any tourist’s handbook.

So just after wrapping our tour across the Ancient Citadels of Gour and Pandua in Maldah, we decided to complete the chapter, with a journey throughout the ages of the ‘Nawabi’ times to Murshidabad. The city, famous for its Silk crafts and architectural splendors, served as the Capital of Bengal from 1717 AD onwards, before the last and the most famed Nawabs – Siraj-Ud-Dullah lost in the historic battle fields of Plassey to the traitor-ship of Mir Jaffar and the British infantry of Robert Clive in the year - 1757.

More description to come soon...

The Battlefield of Plassey or Palashi - Monument

Bhagirathi - The Life Line of Murshidabad Zone

Kiriteswari Mandir - One of the 51 Sati Piths

Temple of Vaishnavites - Prabhu Jagabandhu Sundar at Dahapara

Chaar Bangla temple Complex - Azimganj

Bhabanishwar Temple - AzimGanj

Khosh Bagh - The Tomb of Siraj-ud-dullah

Jahan Kosha Cannon

Katra Masjid

Footi Mosque - Built by Sarfraz Khan

Azimunnesa Begum's Tomb

Jafargunj Cemetery

Nimak Haram Deori - The Traitor's Gate

Hazar Duari Palace Museum

Bacchawali Cannon or Tope

Saitabad Palace

Ghanta Ghar near Tripolia Gate


Dutch Cemetery - Cossimbazar

Cossimbazar Old Palace

The New Palace - Cossimbazar

Kathgola Bagan Complex

The Jain Temple of Lord Aadinaath in the Kathgola Palace Garden

Nasipur Palace - Resembling the Hazar Duari Palace Architecture

Spectrum of Ancient Colours at Nasipur Palace

Acknowledgements: • Subhabrata Chattopadhyay, for a Wonderful Company. • Hotel White House – Murshidabad. • Sanjib – Our Driver and Guide in Murshidabad.


1. Subhabrata Chattopadhyay, for a Wonderful Company.
2. Hotel White House – Murshidabad.
3. Sanjib – Our Driver and Guide in Murshidabad.

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